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A Burlington CT Lumber Mill

Standing Timber Purchases

Timber purchasing is a practice that provides the sawmill with logs to be sawn into lumber.

It begins with the development of a relationship between the company professional forester and a landowner.

A landowner that wishes to have his or her forestland appraised for its’ potential for a timber harvest can contact the forester and request an appointment to have the forester meet on the property for a consultation. Generally, this initial meeting is to make acquaintance and to discuss the landowner’s objectives for the harvesting of trees from their property.

Most landowners wish to have forest health issues addressed, the benefits of long-term management planning as a consideration as well as the potential to generate revenue from the sale of forest products. The forester would then plan to return to the property to walk through the forest and develop a proposal for entering into a Timber Sale Agreement for the purpose of purchasing merchantable wood products from the landowner.

Once the Timber Sale Agreement is in place, local, municipal and state agencies having jurisdiction over the timber harvesting are notified and harvesting begins.