E. R. Hinman & Sons

A Burlington CT Lumber Mill

Specialty Millwork

At E.R. Hinman and Sons, we are a true wood shop versus a cabinet shop.
A cabinet shop engages in one phase of woodworking with a focus on cabinets.
A true wood shop uses joinery and it’s occupants are students of the craft.
A student of the craft is one in which the craftsman is continually adapting to the unique design parameters of the customer.

When presented with a project, our craftsmen determine which type of joinery best suits the piece with respect to structural integrity and aesthetic presentation.  For example, a girt (horizontal piece) might best be joined to a post ( vertical piece) by the use of a mortise and tenon joint.  In addition to joinery, the character, grain and figure of the lumber would be hand selected to best suite both the project and the customer’s desire.

Many of our wood shop clients, claim that the experience they receive at E.R. Hinman can be found at no other place.

A unique, live edged slab island top, crafted in our wood shop, finds its home in a residence on Block Island. An E.R. Hinman signature trestle table resides in Boston.  Clients, living in California, gather around a dining room set that was built and shipped to them. A local school teacher in Burlington, Connecticut enjoys spectacular custom library cabinetry made from poplar and crafted at our wood shop.

From design to milling and assembly, we can service our customers needs and help fulfill their dreams.


Milling the perfect bowl in our shop: