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Logging and Timber Harvesting

The harvesting of trees and removal of forest products is part of a working forest and an essential tool of the forest manager.

Connecticut’s forests are generally 80-100 years old. Healthy forests must be thinned to┬ábe maintained.

The forester is best suited to make the decision on which trees should be removed while insuring the continued development of a healthy forest.

Once it is determined which trees should be harvested they are marked in paint, measured and tallied. This process provides a way for the forester to determine a market value for the forest products that will be generated from the harvest of the marked trees.

The products of a harvest are usually saw logs for lumber. At E.R. Hinman & Sons, we utilize state-of-the-art harvesting methods and equipment while implementing best management practices (BMP’s) to conduct low impact harvesting operations.

The result is a well cared for and productive forest community.