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Forest Land Management

Forest Management is the science-based practice of manipulating the resources that occur on and in the forest to meet the objectives of those who wish to benefit from it.  At E.R. Hinman and Sons we have decades of experience and a state-certified forester on staff to assist you with your forestry assessment needs.

Management begins with the landowner discussing his or her objectives with the forester.  The forester then assesses the forests resources and makes recommendations to the owner on how to proceed as to best achieve their goals.

This is the foundation for a forest management plan, written by the forester.  The plan will then serve as a written statement of the landowner’s objectives and provide a schedule of activity within the forest.

Following the plan will provide for increased forest health and productivity into the future.

Objectives commonly incorporated into forest management plans include:

  • Timber stand improvement
  • Generating income from the sale of forest product
  • Wildlife habitat improvement
  • Rrecreation and aesthetics
  • Wetlands protection
  • Water quality

The forester’s knowledge and experience is a valuable asset in helping to develop these objectives.