E. R. Hinman & Sons

A Burlington CT Lumber Mill

Hinman in Action

E.R. Hinman & Sons, Inc., has a proud history nestled in its Burlington perch at the gateway of northwestern Connecticut dating back to when the lumbermill was established in 1830 by the Hinman family. Many of the homes, commercial and public structures in Burlington and surrounding towns still standing today are built with lumber sewn at the Hinman mill. Taking  a page out of recycling “what’s old is new again,” the company is tying the craftsmanship and techniques of yesteryear and marrying that process to today’s growing emphasis on sustainability. Getting back to nature is at the core of E.R. Hinman’s commitment to responsible stewardship.

The ER Hinman & Son’s mill Headquarters in Burlington was built with native Connecticut lumber in a timber frame construction format. The large posts and beams of the structure were carefully fitted and joined with large wooden pegs. No nails were used in the construction. Our expansive showroom is home to the custom furniture products milled in our wood shop. Please view our “Gallery” and “Products” page for a review of some of the latest custom items fabricated in our workshop.