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Timber Frame Project Underway!

March 6, 2014 Charlie Leigus

E.R. Hinman Lumber Project Manager Jared Braddock is overseeing the construction of a timber frame home and horse barn in Northwest Connecticut.  What is unique about this project is that timber is being harvested on the property itself. The lumber is transported to the E.R. Hinman sawmill for processing. As of today, March 6, 2014 the timber harvest is complete, the red oak beams are 100% sawn and structurally graded and the white oak beams are nearly complete. Joinery work begins soon.

Lake Compounce Goes with the Grain!

January 8, 2014 Charlie Leigus

Facility takes delivery of “Slabs” from E. R. Hinman

Slabs Ready for delivery to Lake Compounce

When you visit Lake Compounce, located in Bristol, Connecticut in the coming months, you may notice that no table top is exactly alike! That’s the beauty of nature and the wide variety of slab wood offerings available at E.R. Hinman & Sons at work.
A variety of slabs from several native Connecticut tree species will be utilized in 2014 for a campground to be built on the park’s property.
The slabs will also be used as counter tops and table tops through out the facility.

Barn Perfection!

October 31, 2013 Charlie Leigus

At the end of September 2013 Hinman Lumber completed work on a Post and Beam style barn in Wolcott. The project was complete 4 weeks after the foundation set and backfilled. Hinman provided all design consultation, framing materials and site contractors for the build. Connecticut Grown Eastern Hemlock was used for the posts, beams, rafters, joists and nailers. Pine rough sawn boards were utilized for the siding. The owner was going for a “very rustic, natural look,” and Hinman delivered.

Construction projects like this are one of the many facets of custom services at the lumber yard with its own sawmill on the premises and complete woodworking shop.

This is a barn through and through.  At E.R. Hinman & Sons, we welcome craftsmen in the construction trades to visit our yard and select their barn materials to purchase from us and/or customers with a plan in mind to come to us for complete barn project building management.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

2013 Hinman Showcase at Harwinton Fair

October 7, 2013 Charlie Leigus






A classic New England fair held every year the first weekend of October, this was the 157th year the town came out to celebrate the “harvest season,” just as the leaves were beginning to turn on the landscape. While skillet throwing, wood chopping, horse pulling and pie eating contests were popular, we think the best viewing was reserved for the beautifully crafted items from E.R. Hinman’s own shop!


A Visit from “Sully”

September 10, 2013 Charlie Leigus

In spite of the hazy, humid and sometimes rainy weather at the Goshen Fair over Labor Day Weekend, we had a great turnout. Among many guests to the tent we had the pleasure of welcoming a local timber sport hero. Champion lumberjack Mike “Sully” Sullivan stopped by the E.R. Hinman display. The world champion sports and wildlife enthusiast (and licensed arborist) LOVED the black

Champion lumberjack Mike Sullivan Greets Marty Paganini, GM of Supreme Forest Products at the Goshen Fair. Nicholas Mc Guffie, background.

Champion lumberjack Mike Sullivan Greets Marty Paganini, GM of Supreme Forest Products at the Goshen Fair. Supreme Forest Products Sales Associate Nicholas Mc Guffie, background.

walnut wood slabs we had on display under the tent. He loved one of them so much he decided to purchase one and take it home with him to make a coffee table!

Thanks Mike! Come back and visit any time!

We’re Going to the Goshen Fair!

August 28, 2013 Charlie Leigus

E.R. Hinman & Sons will be showcasing its fine wood crafting on Labor Day weekend at the Goshen Fair in Goshen Connecticut. We hope you can join us this year at the fairgrounds.

Come say “hello” to our Forester, Charlie Leigus, and the Hinman gang along with the team from Supreme Forest Products. Check out this Trellis that will be on display at our tent. Be sure to visit our Facebook page for more information. You can link to our Facebook page (and like us) on the contact page of this website!

Great Story in the Hartford Courant!

May 20, 2013 Charlie Leigus
E.R. Hinman & Sons is featured on FOX CT.

E.R. Hinman & Sons is featured on FOX CT.

Farmington’s Winding Trails Finds New Use For Trees Damaged By October 2011 Snowstorm

Rather than dispose of all the dead wood, Winding Trails incorporated much of the fallen white pine and oak into its new educational building, its first new structure in years.

 Winding Trails teamed up with E.R. Hinman and Sons, one of the oldest sawmills in the state, and recently completed a timber frame building known as “Nature’s Porch” along the banks of Walton Pond.

The building will function as a classroom and community gathering center as people walk across oak flooring and stare at walls made of white pine, all from trees recycled from the storm.

“It’s a building you can tie back to nature and the whole idea of sustainability,” said Trails’ naturalist Judy Witzke. “We are making use of something that was lost and giving it new life. It’s a wonderful concept to come away with.”

Jared Braddock, the general contractor for the project, said the main frame of the building, secured with huge oak pegs, is native hemlock taken from a wood lot in Andover. With the additional wood from the forests of Winding Trails, the building is nearly 100 percent Connecticut-grown.

The state has 1.7 million forested acres — about 60 percent of its land area — according to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, making it one of the most heavily forested states in the country.

“The sawmill is very involved in sustainability,” Braddock said of the Burlington mill that dates back to 1830. “It was the first sawmill to participate in the ‘Connecticut Grown’ program. They have a licensed forester and are always looking for responsible ways to harvest trees while preserving the forest that remains.”

Several years ago, Walton Pond was restored after it had been filled with sedimentation. Prior to draining the pond and excavating it, campers and family members relocated more than 17,600 mussels, frogs, turtles and fish. With Nature’s Porch, Winding Trails is again contributing to the sustainability of the natural world.

“It’s always about a community of everyone around here,” Trails Education Director Mark Dale said. “Everything is connected. We call this our environmental center. It is meant to bookcase the hands-on, environmental experience campers get. I’m sure we will also be incorporating exactly how this building was constructed, too.”

Go to erhinman.com and windingtrails.org for more information. Peter Marteka may be reached at 860-647-5365, at pmarteka@courant.com or at The Courant, 200 Adams St., Manchester, CT 06040.


E.R. Hinman Featured on WFSB-TV 3

May 14, 2013 Charlie Leigus








We had a great interview yesterday afternoon on Channel 3 with Dan Kain. Here is the link:

WFSB reporter Dan Kain interview featuring E.R. Hinman & Sons and Winding Trails project in Farmington, Connecticut.

WFSB reporter Dan Kain interview featuring E.R. Hinman & Sons and Winding Trails project in Farmington, Connecticut.


When the Thanksgiving storm of 2011 toppled hundreds of trees at Winding Trails in Farmington, the employees decided to turn the lumber into a new nature center.

The building is called Nature’s Porch and it wasn’t a high priority at Winding Trails.

“We had in our master plan, to do a new nature center which was not in the works for three or four years,” said Scott Brown of Winding Trails.

The Autumn storm, however, put it on the fast track.

“When all those trees came down, and believe me, this park was devastated. We have 380 acres here 12 miles of trails,” Brown said. “It took us seven months to clear the trails up, but we had these beautiful  oaks and pines that went down. We’ve got to do something with this.”

Jared Braddock of E.R. Hinman & Sons was contacted to salvage the wood and turn it into the nature and community center.

“We can do so many things. We got to do everything on this project from taking the trees off this property to milling them for doing the shop work,” Braddock said. “We did the mortise and tenon joinery to actually putting it back together we got to recycle the material off the property, use Connecticut grown stuff. It was a really exciting project and really excited the company.”

The building was designed to not only showcase the wood, but also traditional building techniques from generations past such as mortise and tenon joinery secured by pegs.

“We actually have oak pegs that go into that and hold them in place, Brown said. “And the material is green, so as it dries the wood shrinks, and as it shrinks it pulls those pegs together and tightens them up and makes the thing just beautiful.”

The building itself will become part of the education program.

“we’ve got school groups and campers that come through here and they’ll learn about the building and how we used that wood,” Brown said.

For more information about Winding Trails, click here for more information.

E.R. Hinman Press Release

April 26, 2013 Charlie Leigus

E.R. Hinman and Sons, Inc. Raises “Nature’s Porch” at Winding Trails

Timber Frame Educational Building Uses Recycled Pine and Oak Trees from 2011 Winter Storm “Alfred” for Flooring, Siding, and Trim

Farmington, CT – E.R. Hinman and Sons of Burlington, CT and Winding Trails of Farmington, CT will soon complete Nature’s Porch, a locally manufactured timber frame building located on Walton Pond. The new educational building, made from locally harvested timbers and trees taken down during the Halloween blizzard of 2011, will function as a classroom and community gathering center.

Scott Brown, Executive Director of Winding Trails, is excited to open the new educational space for the non-profit organization. “In 2011 Winding Trails took on its largest capital project ever, saving Walton Pond,” says Brown. “Nature’s Porch is the natural continuation of the Walton Pond project. The new building will provide space and resources to educate children and families in the wonders of the natural world.”

Nature’s Porch is designed to showcase building and living techniques of generations past. The structural frame is handcrafted from locally harvested Hemlock timbers, cut to fit with mortise and tenon joinery and secured with White Oak pegs. An impressive field stone fireplace rises along the front wall just outside of the timber frame providing a place for Park Naturalist, Judy Witzke, to teach about the history of hearths. “We wanted to show the beauty and function of a large stone fireplace that historically has provided heat, cooking and a place to gather,” says Witzke.

The building has three distinct focal points, the timber scissor trusses spanning the full thirty foot width of the building, the field stone fireplace and, of course, the front porch. “One of the biggest design challenges was creating a way to span a 30 foot wide building without any support posts in the middle of the bent,” says Rudy Niksa, E.R. Hinman and Son’s master wood craftsman. “The solution is one of Nature’s Porch’s most striking features – the two massive scissor trusses in the main hall.”

Nature’s Porch also enhances the outdoor experience for students. As the name suggests, the front of the building is wrapped with an inviting 15 foot deep front porch welcoming everyone to rest beneath its timber framed roof and soak in the summer scene at Walton Pond.

Keeping true to the principles taught inside Nature’s Porch, the building itself is constructed from locally harvested and recycled wood material wherever possible. The structural Hemlock timber posts, beams and rafters are responsibly harvested from a professionally managed wood lot in Andover, CT. The Pine siding and trim and the Oak flooring are made from trees taken down during the Halloween Blizzard of 2011. The logs were transferred from Winding Trails to Hinman Lumber for processing.

To learn more about E.R. Hinman and Sons and Nature’s Porch, please contact Jared Braddock of Hinman Lumber at 860-309-9906 or jbraddock@supremeindustries.com. Interviews with E.R. Hinman and Sons Master Craftsman, Rudy Niksa, and Winding Trails Executive Director, Scott Brown, are available upon request. Visit www.erhinman.com and www.windingtrails.org for more information about each organization.

E.R. Hinman on FOX CT Made in CT Week!

February 26, 2013 Charlie Leigus
E.R. Hinman & Sons Lumber took center stage during "made in Connecticut Week" on FOX CT during the 9 am news segment. Company Forester Charlie Leigus schooled Logan and Erica on the fine points of sawmill operations and craftsmanship

E.R. Hinman & Sons Lumber took center stage during “Made in Connecticut Week” on FOX CT during the 9 am news segment. Company Forester Charlie Leigus schooled Logan and Erica on the fine points of sawmill operations and craftsmanship













Hats off to E.R. Hinman & Sons, Inc., Forester Charlie Leigus this morning on FOX CT 61. He had Logan and Erica guessing about the oven rack puller! A great segment showcasing the fine craftsmanship of the SFP family.
To see the full 5-minute interview on FOX CT click here!