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What Falls Down Should Be Composted!

October 11, 2013 Charlie Leigus

As the fall foliage season passes, what was once viewed as “spectacular” and “beautiful” as far as foliage gazing, now looks like a scattered mess or eyesore on your property.  One way we can “give back” for the show that Mother Nature has given us is by composting our leaves in our yard.

Recycling the nutrients that give life to the trees in our yard also gives nutrients to the soil and the ground that supports new plant life in the spring. Composting is an easy and inexpensive way to contribute and be green in your own back yard.  It should not take too much of your time to get started and best of all, it’s free! For more information I urge you to visit the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station website to learn more.  I have attached a link about backyard composting here

Now you know what I will be doing next weekend!.