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Mosquitoes with EEE virus identified in Connecticut

September 12, 2013 Charlie Leigus

Mosquitoes with Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus have been identified in Hampton, Plainfield and Voluntown.

Eastern equine encephalitis is a rare but serious disease caused by a virus that is spread by adult mosquitoes. The numbers and types of mosquitoes with EEE identified in the Pachaug State Forest in Voluntown prompted the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to close two of the campgrounds at the forest and to temporarily close part of the forest to recreational activities. People, especially those in the immediate area surrounding the forest, are warned to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites when outdoors.

Photo credit: The State of Connecticut Mosquito Management Program

To reduce the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes residents should:
1. Minimize time spent outdoors between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.
2. Be sure door and window screens are tight-fitting and in good repair.
3. Wear shoes, socks, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt when outdoors for long periods of time, or when mosquitoes are most active. Clothing should be light colored and made of tightly woven materials that keep mosquitoes away from the skin.
4. Use mosquito netting when sleeping outdoors or in an unscreened structure and to protect small babies when outdoors.
5. Consider the use of mosquito repellent, according to directions, when it is necessary to be outdoors.

To learn more about protecting yourself from mosquitoes and the disease organisms they transmit, visit Connecticut’s Mosquito Management website at http://www.ct.gov/mosquito

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