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When you are in Hartford… I spy…

August 18, 2013 Charlie Leigus

Forester’s Note:

A great day trip to Hartford for tree lovers, or nature lovers of any sort, really,  is a trip to the Cedar Hill Cemetery.  I think this fall will be particularly beautiful. The grounds are comprised of  270 acres of woodlands, fields, wetlands and ponds.  According tho the website, there is quite a bit of wildlife. Animals spotted in Cedar Hill’s wooded areas include white-tailed deer, red fox, eastern coyote, raccoon and cottontail rabbit. Cedar Hill’s songbirds include the vireo, chickadee, towhee, red-winged blackbird, catbird and yellow warbler. The Canada goose, bob-white quail, ring-neck pheasant, wild turkey, mallard and wood duck are a few of the land and water fowl found.



From the web:

“Cedar Hill’s landscape contains many notable trees, several of which are state champions. Cedar Hill is a member of the Connecticut Tree Protective Association and has been honored by that organization for its “exemplary professionalism and dedication to the protection and care of Connecticut trees.”

In addition to the wildlife, Cedar Hill’s landscape contains rare trees specifically imported for its arboretum, many of which are state champions. Chinese witch-hazel, flowering dogwood, weeping cherry, tulip, magnolia and ginkgo biloba are some of Cedar Hill’s wide variety of trees. Others are cedar, white ash, black birch, red oak, elm, hemlock, and silver, red and sugar maple. Horticulture specialists maintain an inventory of Cedar Hill’s trees to serve as an educational resource and enhance future planning of this distinguished arboretum.”

Among the notables resting in Cedar Hill are Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy under President Abraham Lincoln and Katherine Hepburn.